Westinghouse Widescreen LCD DVD Combo Flat TV

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The Westinghouse LCD TV Combo will take up 26" by 9" deep by 20" height. So do your measurements first. The unit can play DVD in addition to MP3, WMA, JPEG CD's that have been recorded on CD-R or RW formats. You need to know that the unit only recognizes the 3-digeit extensions letters, "mp3", "wma", and "jpg". So if you have the other extensions you will need to convert them on your computer drive first. The good news is that the DVD functions are full. That is to say you can set the system to Chapter, Title etc. The Subtitle information is complete as well. As one who has bought units that were limited in these areas I appreciated what Westinghouse has done with the DVD controls. When you change the setting on this unit and get lost you can do a "reset to default" function to begin a new. The TV is a flat LED 26" diagonal area thin film transistor type. This unit is good of a viewing angle of about 150 degrees. The audio is generated at 9 watts in two channels. This small speaker limited separation was not to my liking and I found an audio unit connected to the unit serves my needs best. The audio out puts from this unit are one optical and a L/R RCA connection. The inputs are great. You have VGA Analog, H/V for a PC, HDMI-CP with RCA L/R, TV antenna input, Composite S-Video and audio, YpbPr with audio RCA. Now from reading this you could say this is pretty good. You would be wrong! There is no RCA video or composite video outputs. That's right! No way to get all that good stuff out to your other systems. Essentially this means you can not send this picture to other devices. Why is this important? This system will give you all the new over the air High Definition channels and does it well. But, it is designed to be a monitor only that just happens to have a DVD player in it.


Installation is a typical big box type. Lots of styrephome and static plastic. Nothing to put together just place the monitor in the location and using a standard computer AC cord provided plug it in. The Remote is full of options and easy to read. If you have a problem it will be finding the difference sources for the video inputs. The menu operation is great and to the point. Just hook up a pair of rabbit ears and you will begin getting the new over the air high definition channels in addition to the old ones. The instruction booklet is complete and reads like a computer owners manual. What was missing for me was an index. I like a index better than the troubleshooting page that never seems to work unless you forgot to plug the unit in. The one thing missing on the troubleshooting page is "frozen picture". You will find that this digital computerized unit tends to freeze and lock up just like your old home computer did. This happens a lot with this unit and the only way I have found to un-freeze the unit is to do a hard boot. Pull the ac plug and re-plug it. The manufacturer knew about this problem and put a miniature hole in the right side of the screen frame under the normal manual controls. You need a paper clip to get into it or a pen point. You guessed it, it's a manual reset device. The bottom line is that this unit is designed for the person who only needs the new digital tuner and a DVD player. For this application it is affordable and functional. The price is the upside. Less than $500.00.

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